Dec 2023 – EyRIS, the leading player in AI-driven healthcare solutions, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Advance Innovation, a collaboration that marks a momentous step forward in the enhancement and transformation of healthcare in Myanmar.

The EyRIS team recently undertook a visit to Yangon, where they had the honor of engaging with distinguished medical professionals and key stakeholders in the healthcare sector. During this visit, EyRIS showcased her range of cutting-edge AI technology, with the primary objective of expanding screening efforts and strengthening early detection capabilities for retinal diseases and chronic diseases through the use of a simple fundus image.

Myanmar’s healthcare landscape is currently grappling with a surge in chronic diseases, notably diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. EyRIS is committed to addressing the healthcare needs of the 54 million people in Myanmar, where 10.8% of the population is affected by diabetes and 9% by chronic kidney diseases. Projections indicate a worrisome upward trend, estimating a rise to 13% in the number of diabetic patients by 2035.

In response to this critical health challenge, EyRIS aims to make a substantial impact by leveraging its AI screening technology for early disease detection. The overarching goal is to contribute significantly to the reduction of these alarming statistics, thereby improving health outcomes, enhancing the quality of life for individuals, and contributing to the overall well-being of the Myanmar population.

During the Yangon visit, EyRIS team engaged with esteemed medical professionals at prominent hospitals, including Prof Ko Ko and Prof Mya Aung from the Department of Endocrinology and Ophthalmology at the North Okkalapa General Hospital, as well as Dr. Than Than New and Dr. Mo Mo from the Shwe Gon Daing Hospital Group. The advanced AI capabilities of EyRIS were presented, emphasizing the seamless usability of the technology. A key feature highlighted was the ability to generate comprehensive reports through the rapid analysis of a single retinal image within seconds, showcasing the potential to enhance community outreach and elevate hospital operations.

In collaboration with Advance Innovation, EyRIS successfully hosted a press conference in Yangon to launch its range of cutting-edge products to potential users across Myanmar. The event garnered significant attention from prominent media outlets, including news channels. EyRIS is grateful to the press for their active participation, with some journalists voluntarily experiencing the technology firsthand. The EyRIS team is eagerly anticipating the implementation of its range of products in Myanmar and looks forward to making a substantial impact on the country’s healthcare landscape.

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