Chan Wing Kong Sells “Knowledge Right”

Jan 2004 – Chan Wing Kong saw business opportunity while working at Siemens, he thus formed novaMSC with his colleagues to explore a new career in technology. In a short period of 3 years after its formation in Singapore in 2000, novaMSC was listed in the MESDAQ market of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Big Potential for Development
There are a total of 11,669 hospitals in Asia Pacific, inclusive of 308 in Malaysia, 8,000 in Japan, 1,480 in Thailand and 10,740 in Indonesia. These hospitals are all potential customers. novaMSC have a total of 16 government department clients in e-Government in Malaysia and Singapore.

China’s Market is Just beginning
In July, novaMSC signed a strategic partnership agreement with China’s Sino-Overseas Construction Information Co Ltd to explore the market potential of e-Government in China.

quote from Nanyang Siang Pau / Special Weekly, January 2004

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