Changes in Sub. S-hldr’s Int. (29B)

9 Feb 2006

Particulars of substantial Securities Holder

Name NSL Technology Investments Pte Ltd
Address 77 Robinson Road #27-00
SLA Building Singapore 068896
NRIC/Passport No/Company No. 198105758R
Nationality/Country of incorporation Singapore
Descriptions (Class & nominal value) Ordinary Share of RM0.10 each
Name & address of registered holder NSL Technology Investments Pte Ltd
77 Robinson Road #27-00


Details of changes

Type of transaction Date of change
No of securities
Price Transacted (RM)
Disposed 25/01/2006


Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred Sold in open market
Nature of interest Direct Interest
Direct (units)
Direct (%)
Indirect/deemed interest (units)
Indirect/deemed interest (%)
Total no of securities after change 12,926,707
Date of notice 27/01/2006





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